If you can dream it Artisan Still Design can build it. Our one of a kind design team can custom design and build a system to your custom specifications.

We offer design and fabrication for custom systems and equipment as well. Artisan has designed and built custom batch stills, holding tanks, wort coolers, mash tuns and ovens, multi-million dollar stripping and rectification stills, and even grain handling equipment.

Small Systems and Equipment

If you’re looking for a batch distillation system, but need a specialty copper head or other modification to our standard systems, Artisan can do that. We’ve made copies of older pot stills, replicated copper heads to match customer’s original stills, and even built non-traditional tanks to fit in tight areas. If you have height restrictions or other requirements, Artisan can design your system to match.

Mid-Sized Continuous Systems

If a batch system just isn’t going to get you the output you need, then one of our continuous column systems is the way to go. Our smallest will run through 1,000 gallons per day of wash, and our largest standard system will do 16,000 gallons per day of wash.

Large Industrial Systems

If you need to be able to run more than 16,000 gallons per day of wash, we can design and build a system to meet your needs. We can design, fabricate, and install systems of any size for any application.  These systems can be designed for either fuel ethanol or beverage ethanol, and will be designed around your facility to meet your code restrictions. We’ll also work with your Project Manager, or can even serve as your Project Manager for the project.

Custom Metalwork

Our Production Team will also design, source, and build almost any type of system you may need in your distillery. From producing complete one-off specialty stills to making modifications to existing designs, Artisan Still Design is happy to talk with you about making your equipment or making it better.  We’ve built hot liquor tanks, wort chillers, grain handling and storing equipment, custom stills, specialty cookers, and even large continuous column systems that will handle tens of thousands of gallons of mash per day. If you need it for your distillery, we can design and build it to your specifications.