"Whiskey is not trying to be anything. It just is."

"Whiskey is not trying to be anything. It just is."

At Artisan we are passionate about distilling; it drives everything we do.

We are dedicated to quality and are determined to offer the best in innovative design at the most affordable price for our customers.

If you are passionate about distilling then check us out. We’d love to connect with you.


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We’d love to connect with you!

Still Design & Manufacture

  • Steven Cage
  • steven@artisanstilldesign.com
  • Lethbridge Alberta, Canada
  • 1.403.795.0602

 Import & Distribution

  • Neil Robinson
  • neil@artisanstilldesign.com

 General Inquiries

  • Amanda Robinson
  • amanda@artisanstilldesign.com

 Area Representative (Indiana & surrounding states)

  • Eric Stauffer
  • eric@artisanstilldesign.com
  • 317.426.6005

 Area Representative (South Carolina & surrounding states)

  • Robert Redmund
  • robert@artisanstilldesign.com
  • 864.320.4803

 Area Representative (Colorado & surrounding states)

  • Kristian Naslund
  • kristian@dpdistillery.com
  • 970.744.8148
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